About Me

Hi, I’m Libby Dale, a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan with an International Minor in Engineering.

I took my first computer science class my second semester of college and it changed my life. It was the hardest class I had taken in college at that point and I loved it. I didn’t choose CS as my major for being easy, no it certainly was not that. I choose it because it’s constantly changing and improving. What has kept me going is the belief that I will be able to use what I have learned to innovate and help create new technology.

Take a look at my Resume and Projects pages for more info!

My Skills

Student Organizations

Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I was sponsored by GEECS to attend the Grace Hopper Conference in Orlando, FL this past October.

Society of Women Engineers

I was able to connect with fellow women in engineering and attend events set up by the organization.

Society of Global Engineers

As the VP of Corporate Relations for SGE I led a group of dedicated students to connect them with companies. This was done through hosting a variety of events including information sessions, games, and lunches.