Service app

Service Request Application


4 months


Sketch, Zeplin, Jira, Salesforce

my role

UI Designer


On this project I worked for a property management company to incorporate an external web application into their company portal. The application was used by the company’s clients to create service requests raised to procure items/services like keys, doors, electrical, etc. for the company’s many properties.

The backend of the portal was in Salesforce which held all the data used for the portal design elements. For this project we used the external web application’s APIs to get the information and added it to our Salesforce backend so that we could display it through the portal.


The mockups I created were for all visual design and interaction of the product. These included designs for an entry point for the portal (card design), viewing all of the service requests previously submitted, a search/filter section, as well as a modal for creating service requests.


I worked directly with a BA, manager, Salesforce developer, and HTML/CSS expert. We had weekly meetings with the product owner to discuss any changes or updates to the project.

Highlight: Service Requests Card

As part of my work for designing the service requests section of my client’s portal I created a card design for the portal home page. I went through several iterations before landing on the final design as I encountered different limitations and received feedback from the project’s stakeholders.

First iteration

In the first iteration of my designs I made a card version where an abbreviated view of the submitted service requests is shown, with the option to select “View All” to launch the full page of submitted requests.

Second iteration

After meeting with the stakeholders the importance of the service requests to the client users was a key takeaway and a 3-column longer version was requested to be put at the top of the portal home screen.

My first design used a shortened version of the full service requests page showing the three most recently submitted requests in a table.

The second design I created uses a similar format as the first with the addition of a second tab for creating a new service request on the home page.

Third iteration

More feedback after the second iteration of designs brought me to a third round of creating designs for a 2-column version of the card that would go before the Quick Links card.

I made three versions of this design that used different table columns with three versions of the card’s top banner.

Final selection

The final design chosen after the third round of designs was a version of the 2-column design with the same columns as the full version of the service request page minus the details column.

What I learned

Overall, this project was a great way for me to work on a project being the sole designer, which required me taking the initiative to push for my own ideas while at the same time capturing the client’s vision for their portal.

It was a challenge to work as a solo designer on a project. I had previously worked on teams with other designers. However, it was a great learning experience for me though because I was able to work with an experienced team. The product owner I was working with was very knowledgeable of the users needs and I was able to get an idea of what was important to the user from them.